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Announcing two exciting new projects for the Better Public Media Trust

Now starting in March 2018 – The BPM Seminar Series

We’ve been wanting to do this for a while, members are calling for it and finally it’s going to happen – public lectures for members and supporters on a range of subjects relating to all things public media.

The aim is to get people talking and thinking about the media in New Zealand - who owns it, who runs it, who benefits from it and who doesn’t. It’s a large, complicated and fascinating subject, and we’re sure that many people around the country will welcome the chance to learn more and engage with our prestigious body of industry experts and academics.

After the success of the People’s Commission on Public Broadcasting and Media, we got a lot of calls from supporters in Masterton, New Plymouth, Hamilton and Matakana wanting to be included. So keep an eye out for the BPM Seminar Series coming to a town near you.


Starting in 2018 - The BPM Student Challenge

This is an annual competition for Year 10 - 13 students around New Zealand to enter an essay, a documentary, a blog post or any type of media content as a submission on the subject of public media.

The idea is to get young people thinking about the media, how they work, their effects and how online/social media can benefit the public.

The winner receives respect, adoration and $1,000 cash. Their school and the runner-up are also in the money with $500.

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