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What Have We Done?

Radio NZ

After almost a decade with a frozen budget, RNZ finally received an increase of $2.84m for five years. We like to think we helped make this happen by regularly raising awareness about RNZ's poor funding.

Although it's a step in the right direction, the increase only match's inflation up to 2012 so RNZ is still the poorer as a result of this Government. We have more work to do pushing for better funding of NZ's last public service media outlet.

Party Policies

We frequently reach out to political parties, in an effort to get them to offer great media and broadcasting policies to the public. Whether it's a result of our work, or just that these parties happen to have seen the light, we're very glad to see great policies from Labour, NZ First, the Greens and the M?ori Party.

If previous elections had gone a different way we would already have a public service television, a better funded RNZ and more public service online platforms.

We keep working on National and ACT to show them the importance of public media in a small country like Aotearoa.

Public Meetings

The BPM Trust runs public meetings around New Zealand (watch the 2014 election debate here) and this will continue.


The BPM regularly makes submissions to government inquiries and panels on a variety of issues. We were an important part of the team that successfully asked the Commerce Commission to not allow the NZME-Fairfax merger. Likewise the Sky-Vodafone merger. All our Submissions to government can be viewed here.

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